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Medici Project awarded to young pianist

Rozlyn Krech, 7, was recently awarded a Medici Project scholarship so she could continue her piano lessons. (Shannon Geisen/Enterprise)

Seven-year-old Rozlyn Krech is welcoming her third year of piano lessons.

Her budding musical talent is supported by the Medici Project, a scholarship program through the Park Rapids Lakes Area Arts Council (PRLAAC).

The project is named after the Medici family, devoted patrons of the arts who commissioned work by Donatello, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, da Vinci and Michelangelo. Their support made Florence, Italy the cradle of the Renaissance.

Piano teacher Jodi Ziemann informed all of her students of the Medici Project.

"I recommended it to families because I knew it would be advantageous," she said.

Rozlyn's mother, Amanda Preiner, filled out the online application. PRLAAC accepted the nomination. The scholarship will cover nine months of piano lessons.

Rozlyn is currently the only one in her family taking piano lessons, but her little, five-year-old brother is considering classes, too.

"He always wants to do what his sister's doing," Preiner said. Of Rozlyn's musical interests, she says, "She loves it. She's always been interested in music, dancing, singing."

Children in kindergarten through Grade 12 who show interest, talent or motivation in literary, performing arts or visual arts are eligible for the Medici Project. They must be nominated by a teacher or mentor.

The ideal candidate is passionate, skilled, honest, inquisitive and aspiring to fulfill a dream.

The Medici Project offers three types of financial support: stimulation, scholarship or enrichment.

If a teacher identifies a beginning artist who might benefit from a trial period of lessons — say, six weeks — to see if the student enjoys and prospers from tutelage, the Medici Project funds that opportunity.

Enrichment funds from the Medici Project help gifted students attend a workshop, performance or special event. Begun in 2012, the artistic flowering of local, talented youth is its mission.

A Region 2 Arts Council grant allowed PRLAAC to "incubate" the Medici Project. Seed money also came from the Nancy Tague Memorial Fund. Tague was a public school art teacher, Park Rapids City Council member, PRLAAC member and weaver.

Private individuals have also contributed to the Medici Project. Monetary gifts are tax-deductible.

For more information, contact Dawn Kast at 732-8258 or Paul Dove at 237-0400.

Nomination forms for the Medici Project are available at