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Nevis woman publishes book

Jo (Ackerley) Heurung, of Nevis, recently published her first book titled “The Nine Lives of Thomas the Alley Cat.”

The book takes the reader on a journey with a cat whose life is not easy, as it is described through his nine lives.

The book was published by Page Publishing. It is an optimistic message that serves as a great way to teach both children and adults how important it is to be kind and how important it is to be loved.

Heurung is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother.

“Each chapter describes many things that children and adults go through in their life. It shows how verbal as well as physical abuse can hurt and love can heal,” she said.

Thomas’ life begins with heartbreak and disappointment, but through a little bit of luck and due to his own sense of perseverance, Thomas finds himself in a better situation than he could have imagined.

Facing homelessness, almost dying in a fire, the cruelty of other animals, the true impact of cruel words and other misfortunes, Thomas never gives up hope that he will find a home with someone who will love him and treat him humanely.

Explaining the trials and tribulations many children face every day through the eyes of a cat, “Thomas the Cat” properly expresses the daily suffering of some, which is ignored and unseen by most.

“The Nine Lives of Thomas the Alley Cat” can be found locally at Beagle Books and Bookworld as well as online.