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Where should your county attorney live?

Mr. Welte was recently in our area and indicated that he was a resident of Hubbard County. His campaign literature states he belongs to organizations in Perham.

I went on the Internet and located his address in Perham. I then checked Otter Tail County property tax records for his address in Perham and found that his property is listed as "homestead." I have friends in the Perham area and asked one to go by his house to see if it is for sale. There were not any "for sale" signs on the property. I also checked the Hubbard County property tax records for the Nevis address listed on his campaign literature and found a different owner listed as the taxpayer.

How can the Nevis address be his residence when his homestead is in Otter Tail County? Our county attorney needs to be honest and trustworthy to perform his duties. If he can't be honest about something as simple as where he resides, how can he be trusted with the position of county attorney?

Scott Gilbertson