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We could use a little good news today

As the song goes, it isn't very often the good news outweighs the bad, until today when the world stood still to marvel.

Where were you today, Oct. 13, 2010, when you watched in awe as miner upon miner was rescued from the depths of the earth? Today will go down as "one of those moments in history" when you will always remember where you were, like where were you when Kennedy got shot? Where were you when the airplane carrying the rock stars of 1957 crashed? Were you alive when Pearl Harbor got bombed and where were you? Where were you when the shuttle exploded? Where were you when the twin towers fell?

Today, the good news dominates all the bad and is possibly one of the few historic moments that will be remembered for the absolute joy of the day. We can be proud of the part Americans and American companies played in this miracle. Today, we can be proud of our world and the part so many played in this historic day.

Jean Avenson

Park Rapids