Weather Forecast

Berries on trees in front of the Hubbard County office building were draped in ice and snow over the weekend. The extended forecast calls for a slight warming, then much colder temperatures by the New Year. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

Walking in a winter wonderland


Mother Nature put a glistening coat of snow and ice all over the northland last weekend.

"The system just rolled through and in some places it got warm enough to where it would rain and then of course as the temperatures cooled down again they got snow on top of that," said National Weather Service meteorologist Brad Hopkins.


That was the case in Park Rapids, where temperatures hovered above the freezing mark Saturday morning, then dipped slowly by nightfall. Road officers responded to numerous calls, running from one rollover to the next.

One frustrated officer radioed in, "These people all need to go to driving school," about 10 a.m. Saturday.

Hubbard County Sheriff Cory Aukes said although there were plenty of vehicles sliding into ditches, no crashes were serious.

Hopkins said 2013 will see typical January temperatures. In other words, bundle up. Gloves and scarves would be good presents under the tree.


Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers Hubbard County, courts and breaking news.

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