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Vote yes for our students

For 34 years my family has lived in this community and dealt with the Park Rapids schools. I was a teacher for 34 years, teaching in both high school and elementary. All four of my children attended and graduated from this system, receiving an excellent education. Three of those children chose to come back to this town to raise their families. I now have grandchildren in school. I am also proud to say that I have two children teaching, plus a son-in-law.

This school has given my family much. This year it is asking us, the Park Rapids community, for continued support by continuing the current referendum monies asked for in this referendum vote. From the information that I have read, no one's property taxes will be increasing. In some cases taxes may go down.

We have a very dedicated staff that provides our future generation an excellent education, preparing them for things we have never dreamed of.

I hear complaints from people that there is too much fat in the school; that we should be cutting rather than spending. Cut where? I am a volunteer now in kindergarten. I watch these teachers try to love and nurture up to 23 five-year-olds. They have to deal with many issues with students beyond the basics and then they are told that because the budget needed to be balanced their supplies will be cut.

Does this sound like the school has money to spare and we should find more ways to cut? I'm on a fixed income now. I am not going to be getting pay raises or bonuses or anything else. But you can bet your bottom dollar for this referendum and every one to follow will receive my vote, even if it takes my bottom dollar. Park Rapids students are my future.

Terry Morris

Retired teacher, school