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Vote 'Yes' to continue school referendum

"Let's Keep a Good Thing Going" is the theme of this year's referendum plea. As a parent with children in the Park Rapids School District, I am so thankful that the voters passed the last operating referendum. It isn't even possible for me to picture what would have happened to our schools and community. It is time again to vote yes on continuing the referendum. The current one expires in 2012. It is important for voters to know that even with our current levy, our district has still had to make budget reductions each spring. The district has shown good will by stabilizing and maintaining a balanced budget and by restoring confidence in the overall management.

It is important for everyone to know that your school tax will not increase! The projected tax impact will be less than you are currently paying. The school is not increasing the dollar amount from the last levy referendum, it will only be an extension of the existing referendum. It makes me disappointed in the state that schools throughout have to even have an operating levy just to provide the money to be successful. But that is how it is so we need to step up. This state has not made any increases in the General Education payments since 2008 and no increases in revenue are expected at least through the 2012 school year.

It is up to us, the voters, to show our school, students, community, and state, that we value education, and that we value the future for our students to be educated community members when they graduate.

Please vote "Yes" to continue supporting the existing levy referendum.

Rhonda Lageson

Park Rapid