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Vote for Welte on Nov. 2

My name is Andrew J. Harrington. I am an attorney in Barron, Wis., and I am writing to encourage you to vote for my good friend, Nathaniel Welte.

Mr. Welte ("Nate," as I usually call him) and I graduated from Hamline University School of Law together in 2004. Almost immediately after graduating and taking the Bar exam, Nate was hired at the firm of Peloquin & Minge, where since 2004 he has been an attorney practicing in good standing, zealously advocating for his clients in a variety of matters, both criminal and civil.

Since we began our respective legal careers, I have known Nate to have a keen legal mind, exhibiting both an understanding for the letter and spirit of the law. I also know him to have a tremendous work ethic, which I know he would bring to the citizens of Hubbard County.

In addition to being a colleague, I consider Nate to be a very dear friend. He is a man of intelligence and integrity, discipline and determination. He would work tirelessly and diligently for the citizens of Hubbard County. On behalf of my friend, I encourage everyone to vote on Nov. 2 for Nathaniel Welte for County Attorney.

Andrew J. Harrington


Barron, Wis.