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Vote for Terrance Holter for judge

One of the elections to which most of the voters in our district pays the least attention to is that of the district judge. People in northern Minnesota find themselves voting for local judges all over the district. This district is very large, encompassing 17 counties.

Having practiced law in this district for 36 years (now "of counsel" and semi-retired), I can tell you that there is one contest to which you should pay a great deal of attention: Terrence Holter, an experienced judge, is running against incumbent, Paul Rasmussen.

Please remember when you vote to choose Terrance Holter. If you want to know why, ask any court personnel you may know; ask any attorneys you may know; or ask citizens who have appeared before the two of them for any purpose. Whether you are an attorney or a citizen who is a juror, plaintiff or defendant, you want a judge who will treat you with respect; who will get along well with court personnel and the other judges; and who will make decisions that are fair and not based on anger. That describes Terrance Holter.

Please - ask around. And if you do, you will vote for Terrance Holter.

I have no stake in this election and I am not speaking for my former law partners, but I know you would vote for Terrance Holter if you had any experience in the courtrooms or these candidates.

Steve Fuller