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Vote for John Carlson Nov. 2

Big-government politicians like state senator Mary Olson are fond of speaking of "increasing revenue" in order to meet the budget deficit that face our state.

For a liberal like Olson, "increasing revenue" is nothing more than code words for raising taxes on those with the means to hire people and create jobs.

The irony of the situation is that increasing the tax rates can actually reduce the revenue that the state collects, as employers hire fewer people and the wealthy move to neighboring states with better tax climates.

With fewer people earning taxable wages, fewer tax dollars are actually collected, even though they are being taxed at a higher rate.

This becomes a vicious circle, as then these liberals croon for even higher tax rates.

Pretty soon we end up like California - people with means having left the state in droves and the state facing fiscal insolvency.

If you don't want Minnesota to become the next California, then you won't want to vote for politicians like Mary Olson who support these so-called "revenue increases" which actually result in the exact opposite.

Instead, this November, vote for John Carlson.

John believes in low taxes, responsible budgeting and common sense spending.

I will be voting for John Carlson on Nov. 2.

Ann Fleet