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Craig Bohl

UND's Hakstol highest paid coach in N.D., NDSU football coach Craig Bohl not far behind

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UND's Hakstol highest paid coach in N.D., NDSU football coach Craig Bohl not far behind
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FARGO -- In the Battle of the Coaching Pocketbook, UND men's hockey coach Dave Hakstol is the state's public university winner. A victory despite the best year North Dakota State football coach Craig Bohl could ever have.

Hakstol signed a six-year contract last week with an annual base salary of $300,000 that caps out at $435,000 per year if certain incentives are reached.

Bohl's compensation this year -- a national title season -- will be $348,768, which includes $42,100 in a ticket compensation clause.

NDSU earned a share of the Missouri Valley Football Conference, hosted three playoff games and won the Division I Football Championship Subdivision title, bonuses that amounted to $40,000.

Bohl's total package, athletic director Gene Taylor said, most likely puts him in the top 10 of the FCS. And when it came to signing a five-year extension with a two-year rollover last summer, Taylor said the focus was in relation to other FCS programs, not with an in-state coach like Hakstol.

"Two different sports, two different markets," Taylor said.

Taylor said the contract will remain the same even with the FCS title. He said there is no talk of another extension.

"Craig is more focused on his assistants and where they are with the assistants' pool," he said. "That's his priority this year in terms of salaries."

UND hockey assistant salaries were addressed in Hakstol's contract with a pool of $262,874. It will be divided between Cary Eades and Dane Jackson, but not necessarily equal.

Like Taylor, UND athletic director Brian Faison said Hakstol's contract was negotiated with other Division I hockey programs in mind and not what any other in-state coach was making. Faison said the deal puts Hakstol near the top of college hockey coaches across the country.

"As best we can tell," he said, referring to private schools often keeping head coaching salaries from public view. "We have an elite program and we need our staff to be paid appropriately."

Both Bohl and Hakstol have unique incentives.

Bohl receives 3 percent of gross home football ticket sales during the regular season. Hakstol has a longer list of incentives that pay him a percentage of his base salary as each are reached.

If UND wins a national title next year, it would be worth $60,000 to the head coach. If it wins a national championship in 2018, the year Hakstol is scheduled to make a base of $347,782, it would be worth almost $70,000.

A conference title earns Hakstol an 8 percent bonus, or $24,000 next season. There are also stipulations that reward him for his players having a cumulative 3.0 grade point average and hitting the NCAA's academic progress rate, which measures retention of student-athletes in school.

"They've hit that almost every time," Faison said.

Faison said the GPA bonus is new to this contract.

"One thing I've been impressed about Dave and his staff is they put a lot of emphasis on it," Faison said.

Craig Bohl

North Dakota State

Head football coach

Contract base salary

$196,668 (also guaranteed $75,000 with media fee, speaking and camp)

Bohl's incentives

National title: $15,000

Conference title: $10,000

National runner-up: $10,000

Playoff host: $5,000 each

3% ticket sales: $42,100

Note: Figure's based on 2011-12 contract.

Dave Hakstol


Men's hockey coach

Contract base salary


Hakstol's incentives

National title: $60,000

Conference title: $24,000

National runner-up: $30,000

WCHA playoff host: $6,000

NCAA region wins: $12,000 each

WCHA playoff title: $12,000

Note: Figures based on 2012-13 contract and incentives are capped at $135,000 next year.