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Understanding true good and evil

Thanks to Mr. Lynn Hummel in his Pony Express article for tackling the issue of the nature of good and evil. Unfortunately, his article never addresses what constitutes good and what constitutes evil. The intent of his article appeared to be to argue that out of the evil of school chaos and shootings should come gun registration and restriction and that registration and control should never be applied to the control of illegal voting practices.

Mr. Hummel states that every evil contains the seeds of good. Is that really true? The best definition of evil I have read is by St. Augustine: Evil is not substance or a material thing, evil is an absence of good, and since God is only good, evil is an absence of God (just as darkness is not a thing…but an absence of light). If that is true, then evil acts, which lack the presence of God and His Light, will never produce seeds of goodness unless the good of God is brought back into the event. That is exactly what happened with 911 and the Boston Bombing he mentions in his article. People, who were taught the good of God, brought that conscience good to bear in turning evil acts into acts of mercy and grace.

Guns are not evil. Do we need to control their distribution to criminals, children and mentally impaired people? Yes. The vote is not evil. Do we need to restrict the vote to rightful citizens and registered voters to prevent evil people from committing voter fraud? Yes. It is evil people, those lacking an understanding of God and His designed order and purpose for human life, that commit evil acts like school shootings and illegal voting violations. Unfortunately all of us have the ability to exclude good and God from our activities. Fortunately though for humanity, the bulk of society is also capable of mitigating their evil instincts with the knowledge and understanding of what is good.

If we are ever going to change the explosion of evil we are experiencing in the 21st century, it will only happen when we truly understand the nature of evil and its cause. God is good all the time.