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  Questions about township government can usually be answered by town clerks. Following are the names and telephone numbers of township clerks in Hubbard County. A few townships will have elections March 9, but most will be combining with the General Election in November. After both election dates, a few clerk positions may change.

    Akeley Township: Tom Beck, 652-4027

    Arago Township: Patricia Stulich, 732-5305

    Badoura Township: Luanne Schroeder, 652-2420

    Clay Township: Margie Vik, 732-3163

    Clover Township: Theresa Ohm, 732-4225

    Crow Wing Township: Gerald Forsberg, 732-9839

    Farden Township: Laurie Schummer, 368-5654

    Fern Township: Pam Stull, 751-8218

    Guthrie Township: Amanda Lofhus, 224-3659

    Hart Lake Township: Charlotte Rauch, 224-3217

    Helga Township: Shannon Skime, 751-1878

    Hendrickson Township: Linda Blanchard, 224-2216

    Henrietta Township: Ken Kalish, 732-4714

    Hubbard Township: Laura Kujawa, 732-8836

    Lake Alice Township: Kathy Moore, 266-2186  

    Lake Emma Township: Nancy Bogaard, 732-5617

    Lake George Township: Joyce Harvey, 699-3338

    Lake Hattie Township: Elizabeth Parthun, 854-7399

    Lakeport Township: Marcy Anderson, 224-2602

    Mantrap Township: Betsy Anderson, 652-3590

    Nevis Township: Pat Hrubes, 652-3546

    Rockwood Township: Jean Diffley, 751-5672

    Schoolcraft Township: Steve Booth, 854-7262

    Steamboat River Township: Tom Knight, 224-3195

    Straight River Township: Janice Falk, 732-8830

    Thorpe Township: Elaine Haskins, 652-2670

    Todd Township: Mildred Lovin, 732-4575

    White Oak Township: Susanne Gray, 652-2241