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There’s a need to stop polluting the air

It is time to stand up for clean air.

In the past we dumped our wastes into rivers and streams until they were polluted. We put garbage into landfills until they were full. Preservation of our land and waters were started by small groups of individuals. They helped the rest of us recognize the problem.

We have always dumped waste gases into the atmosphere. Recently a few people have discovered that this activity is causing changes in our atmosphere. We can measure the increase of these gases and are quite sure they are causing our climate to be different.

A major contributor to the extra gases in our air is the burning of fossil fuels. Oil is a fossil fuel. If the citizens say no to the Sandpiper pipeline they will be making a small statement about preserving our atmosphere and quality of life.

Just as we had the technology to stop pollution of our waters and lands, we have the technology to stop polluting the air.