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Thanks for Fresh Water Festival

Kudos to Hubbard County’s Soil and Water Conservation District, the Local Water Plan and Coalition of Lake Associations for their teamwork in creating an educational and fun-filled Fresh Water Festival. This event was a field trip for sixth graders in the Park Rapids, Nevis, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley, and Bemidji schools to Camp Wilderness on Bad Axe Lake. Media coverage of this event was overshadowed by the GFO and important fire news but needs to be recognized. As a first time volunteer, I was impressed by the expertise of our local presenters as well as the enthusiasm and respectfulness shown to them by the students. As a former school administrator, I enjoyed the nurturing interactions of teachers toward their pupils. Melissa Koebernick and Julie Kingsley deserve special recognition for putting together this program. Local students are indeed fortunate to participate in quality programs like the Fresh Water Festival!

Theora Goodrich