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Thanks to emergency personnel, volunteers

Our home was never threatened. In fact, we never even got a whiff of the smoke at our house! But before moving in next to the Menahga City Cemetery in ‘96, we spent five exciting years suppressing wild land and structural fires with the USFS and a local volunteer dept.

Now, 20 years later, the Green Valley Fire was our first encounter with wildfire as civilians. And we want to express how impressed we were with the organization, foresight, cooperation between departments, and especially the structure protection efforts on this fire. Evacuations, including the Menahga Nursing Home, were timely. Efforts between 40 different departments plus invested civilians appeared to be organized, and no one got hurt.

And as exciting as the fire was and as bleak as the black may look now, we are most impressed with the patches of green surrounding homes that were sprayed or foamed and then burned around to remove dead fuels before the wildfire reached them. There were a lot of them! Thank you and blessings to all the emergency personnel and volunteers who responded and collectively did what you’ve trained to do! Now, to watch it green up around here...!

Kelly and Lorri Jager