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Thanks to all who helped with fire

We sincerely thank the tireless efforts of the 40-some fire departments from Hubbard County and the surrounding communities, the DNR Air Support, the Hubbard and Becker County Sheriff’s Departments, the Hubbard County Emergency Management Director, the American Red Cross of Northern Minnesota Region, the National Guard, churches, schools, Mahube-Otwa, and all of the volunteers in fighting the Green Valley Fire. A very special thank you to Peter Maninga Jr. for calling 911.

We want to express a deep sincere appreciation for all of the efforts fighting the Green Valley Fire saving lives and property. Although there is a lot of destruction, those of us that live in this area know how hard everyone worked to save lives and property.

We sincerely thank you very much.

James and Eileen Snelling

Peter Maninga Sr.

Peter Maninga Jr.

Ray and Sharon Hendrickson

Kevin and Jane Urvigs