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Support Rasmussen for Ninth District

There are two contested races for district judgeships here in the Ninth Judicial District. One of those races is for the judgeship chambered in Clearwater County. Since 1993, Paul Rasmussen has served in this chamber handling Clearwater County's caseload and assisting in Hubbard County.

As an assistant county attorney in Clearwater and Hubbard Counties, I have handled hundreds of cases with Judge Rasmussen. In the last year I have likely appeared before Judge Rasmussen more than any other lawyer in the Ninth Judicial District.

I have witnessed firsthand, Judge Rasmussen's hard work and dedication to the public he serves. Most importantly, he makes well reasoned and just decisions.

We need to keep good judges on the bench. Paul Rasmussen is one of those judges and he has my support and vote.

Jonathan Frieden

Park Rapids