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Support for PUD on Lower Bottle Lake

This letter references your recent article on the Schneeman family's request to create a PUD on their Lower Bottle Lake property. In the early 60s I hunted and fished out of Hansen's Bottle Lake Resort (the resort the Schneemans purchased 40 years ago). Except for a log home on the west end of the bay and the conspicuous absence of the seven old docks the property appears unchanged. The Schneeman's have maintained the pristine beauty of the property.

Three years ago they sold the 33 acre peninsula with 3,000 feet of shoreline to the DNR. Ten percent of the purchase price was donated back to the DNR.

Instead of going the more lucrative route of developing lake shore lots they chose to leave the property in it's native state.

Their long range plan is for their children to replace the present cabins with new structures further from the lake without impacting the lake shore.

The present decor, especially the color and style of the old cabins will be preserved. Their goal is to achieve the ambiance of an old fishing camp.

I would hope that our commissioners, variance board members, etc. have the foresight to envision what these environmentally minded people are trying to achieve and support their efforts.

Dr. Ev Duthoy

Bottle Lake vacationer