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Support for Cory Aukes from a cop

With the Hubbard County sheriff's election coming soon I would like to voice my support for Cory Aukes.

I have been a police officer with the Park Rapids Police Department since 2001. I have had great joy working a career in such a wonderful place. I started my career in Nevis and was given keys to a patrol car fresh out of school. Other than driving the car I didn't know much about police work. From writing my first ticket and needing help on serious felony calls years later, I could always count on Cory Aukes for advice to help me along the way.

Over the last years working with Cory he has shown me how loyal and dedicated someone can be to his work. He gives each shift and call 100 percent and if anyone has needed or needs help he is always there. I take great pride in serving the city of Park Rapids and feel proud when I put my uniform on and serve and protect Park Rapids.

I learned my respect, pride, dedication and what I know today as an officer from molding myself from Cory. I wish Cory the best of luck in the coming election and would enjoy working with such an honest and dedicated person.

Dan Kruchowski

Park Rapids