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Support for Cory Aukes

Hubbard County voters are lucky they have two qualified candidates running for Hubbard County Sheriff. However, our support would have to go to Cory Aukes. We have watched Cory grow to a fine, mature young man as we have known Cory since he was a young boy.

We have all been involved in his law enforcement career when he started over 20 years ago. He is our friend, former law enforcement partner and a very good law enforcement officer. We believe Cory is in the race for sheriff for the duration of his career, not the short term. We believe Cory will do a great job for the citizens of Hubbard County.

Larry Johnson, retired Hubbard County Sheriff

Ray Ball, retired Hubbard County Sheriff Deputy

Rick Knobloch, retired Park Rapids Police Department

Eugene Jindra, retired Minnesota State Patrol