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Students study greenhouse gases at Crookston golf course

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Students study greenhouse gases at Crookston golf course
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Students at the University of Minnesota-Crookston have been making the trek to the Lincoln Park Golf Course in Grand Forks all summer, but there haven’t been any sports involved.

They’ve been working with Assistant Professors Katy Nannenga and Kristie Walker to track the levels of greenhouse gasses that are given off by common fertilizers.

“We’re trying not to sacrifice overall turf grass quality without hurting environment,” Walker said.

For the last two years, the professors and a variety of students along the way have been using the site to view how much gas is given off by three types of fertilizer with different release rates.

They hope to gather information that can used to keep golf course and home lawns alike green without harming the environment.

So far, the duo has “found ways to reduce the impact while still maintaining the greenness,” Nannenga said.

The project has been funded by the United States Golf Association, the Minnesota Turf Grass Association, the Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Board and from within the university. An application for continued funding has been submitted, and if it isn’t accepted, the project will come to an end in October.

“We found moisture and temperature are important, so we want to look at irrigation,” Nannenga said.

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