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Sheriff Homer has most experience

As we head to the polls on Nov. 2, I ask you to look closely at the candidates for Sheriff. One stands out as the most qualified and experienced.

Frank Homer, a long time resident of Hubbard County, has served as Sheriff for the past 18 months. He took over for me when I was unable to work due to illness. I chose him as my Chief Deputy because of his experience and the integrity and honesty he demonstrated as my Sergeant. The County Board appointed him as Sheriff based on his experience and education.

Sheriff Homer has proven that he is an effective leader. He has the experience it takes to make decisions that are not always popular. He has been able to set a budget and stay within its means. He has worked closely with the County Board to maintain his budget, while still meeting the needs of the people.

Sheriff Homer has shown that he has the experience needed to lead not only his deputies, but also administer the jail. He has been able to efficiently manage these duties. He continues to work closely with other agencies to make sure the needs of the constituents of Hubbard County are met. He believes in teamwork and collaborates closely with other law enforcement agencies. Sheriff Homer has been instrumental in developing an emergency response team with Wadena County and a Dive Team with Cass County and establishing inter-agency relationships with the Leech Lake Tribal Police.

Frank Homer is a proven Sheriff, involved in his community and participating in many outside organizations. He is a devoted family man. He is involved in his church. He has worked hard as Sheriff and deserves to continue to serve Hubbard County.

I ask you to support Frank Homer on Nov. 2. He has served and will continue to serve the county well. I support Frank and thank him for his service to the county.

Gary A. Mills

Retired Hubbard County Sheriff