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Remember in November

The next three months will be dangerous times for all of us everyday Americans. President Obama and his cronies in Congress have put our country on a fast course to disaster- with wild and irresponsible "stimulus" spending, the destructive health-care bill, and the ruinous financial "reform" bill. The liberals in Congress know the American people are going to vote in a very different and conservative Congress. So they believe it's now or never for their agenda.

In my opinion, here's the game plan: A cap-and-trade regimen on America's businesses by another name~in the name of the environment, a smoke and mirrors operation. It would send energy prices soaring, reduce employment by an estimated million jobs, and could keep the economy from ever recovering. Amnesty for illegal aliens by attaching the text to the Defense Authorization bill that provides money our troops so desperately need. This Sneaky Pete move is being promoted by Senator Harry Reid as this goes to press. This plan would then create millions of new voters for the liberals, and set the stage for a new round of illegals to come in to wait for the next amnesty.

Next on the agenda is a Card Check plan - that's the union plan to take away secret ballots in elections in which workers decide whether or not to unionize. This intimidation would provide for millions of new union members and the resultant big bucks, which would enable them to channel more money to liberal politicians. Add the entirely new tax being considered, the Value Added Tax to the tax burden we already have and life as we knew it will be a thing of the past. This would further push our economy over the cliff and hurt you and every single American,

The congressional liberals could even hold a lame duck session - after the election but before the new Congress is sworn in - to get their radical socialistic measures passed at the very last minute. Get your seat belts on, hang on tight and remember in November.

Chuck Fuller

Park Rapids