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Rebuttal letter: Financial background is important for commissioner

I want to address Ms. Manners questions in her letter published last Wednesday.

She asked, "Why do some feel a financial background is so important?" and "Is

that not the job of our County auditor?"

I taught business, finance and marketing in the Wadena School System for 38

years, was a member of the Wadena Housing Authority for 10 years and ran

a successful tax preparation business before moving to Park Rapids in 2000.

I understand the importance of a finance background. The answers to Ms

Manners questions are contained in the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC)

website ("").

The website breaks down the duties of a commissioner into two major

categories--County Management ( Administration and Taxation/Finance) and

Other Functions. Some of the duties under Taxation/Finance include reviewing,

adjusting and adopting the annual budget, authorizing the levy, authorizing

the application for and use of federal and state funds as part of the budget,

adopting and implementing fiscal management policies, monitoring the county's

overall fiscal health and developing a capital improvement program/budget.

(See "" click on FYI Fact Sheets about County Government

under "MN Publications", then under "County Government Overviews click

on "Duties of a County Commissioner"). All of these duties of a commissioner

show why a finance background is so important to being able to perform the

commissioner's duties. Also, the County Auditor does not perform any of these

financial duties for the commissioners or the county.

Our county's annual budget of approximately $30,000,000 requires that we

have commissioners that understand and have experience with business

administration and sound financial management, planning and decisions in order

to effectively and efficiently operate the County and deliver County services.

Matt's work in the county assessor's office has given him a solid background of

how the county government works. Matt's administrative and finance experience

includes many small community and church organizations as well as businesses

that have annual budgets up to $8,500,000. His education, work experiences and

commitment make him uniquely qualified and the best qualified to be the new

District 2 Commissioner.

Join me in enthusiastically supporting Matt Dotta for District 2 Commissioner and

give him your vote on Tuesday.

Tony Platz

Park Rapids