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Progressives stumble

By definition, progressives are obstructionists. Contrary to the comments of writer John C. Gibbs (Park Rapids Enterprise, Sept. 25), there is no long arc to justice in this political mind set.

More accurately, the progressive history is a staggered and littered trail of old ideas that has left a powerful hint of moth balls in its wake.

Progressives obstruct freedom, blanket the fires of ambition, block self-sufficiency, show contempt for wealthy and heap misplaced pity on the middle class.

They speak about morality but disregard virtues. They talk social justice yet cannot give you a concise definition of that phrase.

Gibbs is correct when he says "the 'problem' is not government, but candidates." Soon, Nov. 2, we will see how right he is as tea party candidates across America sweep progressives out of office.

These fresh office holders who are independent, frugal and conservative will unite to bring fiscal sanity back into government.

When the fruits of their work are fully realized, Americans of all stripes will regain their happiness, their confidence and the sense that we've become again a nourishing and exceptional country. It is then we will witness the long arc of common sense bend the country back again toward the ideas of our founding fathers.

Ray Pearson