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Please support our school's levy referendum

I have served on your school board for seventeen years. My husband and I are graduates of Park Rapids. All six of our children have graduated from here and now we have grandchildren in the Park Rapids system. I tell you this because I am very proud of Park Rapids Schools.

In the many years that I have served on the school board for Park Rapids this is the first opportunity that I have had to ask the voters to support a levy that will not cause an increase in school taxes, assuming of course your property value stays the same and things governmentally that I cannot control.

We have done a great job of being fiscally responsible. With the current levy referendum in place we have been able to maintain programs and class offerings. This referendum brings one million dollars plus of revenue to the district. Without the continuation of this levy, the district would have to make a million dollars of additional cuts. This could not be done without affecting programming and class sizes.

This is an opportunity for the residents of Park Rapids School District 309 to have a huge impact in the education of the districts children without an additional financial impact for themselves.

Please support the continuation of the existing school levy referendum on Nov. 2, 2010.

Sherry Safratowich

School Board Chair