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Pig Races Humor: Corporate sponsors unfairly dominate Nevis Pig Races

I received my roster for the 2013 Nevis Pig Races and once again, well over 40 corporate sponsors have created an unfair field advantage over single proprietorship pig racers like myself.

Dave McCurnin, President of the Nevis Pig Races, claims he is only doing what is best for betterment for the sport of pig racing. Well, as a single sponsor for three years now I am not buying it and, when the foul odor finally clears the air, it will be the corporate sponsors that will take all the glory and prestige that traditionally goes with the Nevis Pig Races. 

The odds are clearly slanted in their favor.

  Corporate sponsors with “big buck” training facilities staffed by nationally known coaches and nutrition experts assist in maximizing the speed and agility of their chosen pigs, creating a clear advantage over us lowly single pig race sponsors.

Money is no object for them – the goal is to win the Nevis Pig Races at all costs. Corporate sponsors with multiple locations and special departments with ongoing support for their pigs is a program a pig racer like myself can’t come close to.

At one race, I witnessed with my own eyes a lovely lady from one these multiple financial institutions kissing her pig as a motivation to win, with McCurnin smiling in approval. Not only are banks and credit unions putting their best pig forward but cities, the legal community and law enforcement including Cory Aukes, the sheriff, is in on the action this year. Rumor has it we will have international sponsors as well.

  With nowhere to turn and the deck so clearly stacked against me, I brought my concerns to McCurnin upon his return from his winter home in Arizona. I met him at his lavish office, housed on a multiple-acre pig racing complex, located on the shores of Belle Taine Lake.

“It is all about the money for me. Let me get back to you on your concerns. I am much too busy right now. I am off to Ireland to bring back some “luck of the Irish” for my wife’s pig, ‘Snout,’” McCurnin replied. Snout is sponsored by, you got it – yet a another mega-million dollar corporate sponsor, Sy Tec Consulting owned by Sally McCurnin.

A bit of history here, in 2012 my pig, Last Place, took second after leading the whole race, until the last dash for the finish line. The Sy Tec Consulting pig nosed out Last Place for the win.

I filed a protest but as of now have not heard a resolution to my claim of “unethical pig racing techniques” on the part of Snout. 

As a last resort I brought my concerns to the NAOPR, National Association of Pig Racing, but have yet to get an answer though I am told my complaint is under review.

Gary Korsgaden

Park Rapids