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Update: Missing 5-year-old from fatal Bemidji fire found alive

Park Rapids students awarded more than $40,000

More than $40,000 was awarded through scholarships to Park Rapids Area High School students at a program May 20. Several awards were also given out at the program.


Student Council - $250 each to Brittany Gartner and Rachel Thelen.

Alworth Scholarship - $5,000 to Kyle McBrady.

Vallely Will Fund Scholarship - $2,500 awarded to Kyle McBrady.

Skeffington Family Scholarship - $1,000 awarded to Matthew Walker.

Delores Clack Memorial scholarship - $1,000 awarded to Mindy Lawrence.

Dick Haberer Scholarship - $500 awarded to Alycia Rogers.

Al and Ruth Monico Scholarship - $500 to Dylan Walsh.

Gayle Wallace Memorial Scholarship - $500.00 awarded to Mindy Lawrence.

Debbie Yelick Memorial Scholarship - $500 awarded to Kirt Leadbetter.

Koerper Scholarship - $1,000 each awarded to Rachel Thelen, Kayla Stursa, Alycia Klingenberg, Michael Atneosen and Dylan Walsh.

Gibbs Scholarship - $500 each to Kayla Stursa, Rachel Thelen and Michael Atneosen.

Itasca Mantrap - $500 each to Rachel Thelen and Matthew Walker.

TIME Math Scholarship - $150 each to Allison Lempola and Kyle McBrady.

Trig Star Awards - 1st place, $200 to Jake Grimes, 2nd place, $75 to Mike Atneosen, 3rd place, $50 to Bryce Klasen.

Wrestling Boosters - $400 each to Derek Werner, Matthew Weaver, Logan Spears and Tom Drury.

Don Savage Memorial Scholarship - $400 awarded to Megan Lawrence.

St. Joseph's Area Health Services - $1,000 to Kirt Leadbetter.

Innovis Health - $500 awarded to Cassie Bethel.

PEO Scholarship - $1,000 awarded to Kayla Stursa.

Park Rapids Chapter FJ of PEO International - $1,000 to Allison Lempola.

Park Rapids Lions Club - $500 awarded to Rachel Thelen.

Tall Pine Toms National Wild Turkey Federation - $350 awarded to Rachel Thelen.

Tall Pine Toms National Wild Turkey Federation, State Chapter Scholarship - $1,000 awarded to Rachel Thelen.

Smythe Family Scholarship, State Bank of Park Rapids - $4,000 awarded to Allison Lempola.

Park Rapids Masonic Lodge Scholarship - $1,000 awarded to Matthew Walker.

Osage Sportsman's Club - $250 awarded to Ryan Mattson.

Osage Senior Citizen's Scholarship - $300 each awarded to Justin Peterson and Brandon D. Hanson.

Osage Lion's Club - $500 each awarded to Cody Schirmers, Ryan Mattson and Justin Peterson. $300 awarded to Brandon D. Hanson.

Bill and Joyce Coborn Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 awarded to Allison Lempola.

Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary Scholarship - $500 awarded to Allison Lempola.

Grace Olson Scholarship - $250 awarded to Allison Lempola.

American Legion, Scholastic - $1,000 each to Dylan Sievers and Kayla Stursa.

Madge Libby Scholarship - $1,000 awarded to Allison Lempola.

American Legion Junior College, Trade, Technical Scholarship - $500 awarded to Brandon D. Hanson.

Royale B. and Eleanor M. Arvig Memorial Scholarship - $3,000 awarded to Kirt Leadbetter.

Hibbing Eagles Auxiliary 4456 - $250 awarded to Cassie Thelen.

Women of the Moose Chapter 664 - $200 awarded to Cassie Thelen.

St. Scholastica - $30,000 each awarded to Megan Lawrence and Rachel Thelen.

Concordia College Scholarship - $56,000 each awarded to Allison Lempola and Giacomo Siciliani. Matthew Walker was also awarded a Concordia College Scholarship.

University of Dayton - $54,000 awarded to Kyle McBrady.

University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences - $26,000 awarded to Theodore Tiffany.


Outstanding English Awards - Kirt Leadbetter, Kayla Stursa, Allison Lempola, Kyle McBrady and Theodore Tiffany.

Artist of the Year - Rachel Thelen, Ryan Mattson and Kayla Stursa.

Outstanding Math Awards - Allison Lempola, Kyle McBrady, Kayla Stursa and Theodore Tiffany.

Army Reserve Athlete Award - Mindy Lawrence and Kevin Vaadeland.

White Earth Tribal Council Academic Achievement Award - Gabrielle Hooker, Matthew Weaver and Samantha Workman.

Perfect Attendance Awards

Grade 9 - Alexis Burlingame, Natasha Hansen, Alana McKeever, Tina Niemela, Brandy Parsons, Mandy Schirmers, Katie Walsh, James Wells, Taylor Yliniemi and Allycia Zinke.

Grade 10 - Sarah Bugge, Alyssa Carlson, Melissa Haas, Chelsea Johnson, Kevin Just, Caleb Parks, Cassandra Pouliot, Sophie Shogren, Eryn Simpson and Paul Swanstrom.

Grade 11 - Nathan Smart, Robert Swanstrom and Chelsey Tandsater.

Grade 12 - Maria German, Marilyn Gilman and Bryce Klasen.