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Olson brings expertise, experience to job

While it important to me that a state legislator for whom I will vote shares my basic values, it's too much to expect that we have the same position on every issue. I care most that a candidate possesses the qualities of temperament and character that make for a good lawmaker - the ability to listen to constituents, to people with "expertise" on issues, and to other legislators and also has the creativity to come up with ideas to solve problems and meld conflicting positions into compromise solutions. Since Minnesota is faced with so many detailed and complicated issues, I also want a legislator with the intelligence to follow many complex issues at the same time. And of course - honesty is crucial.

I think we are lucky in Senate District 4 to have Senator Mary Olson representing us. Senator Olson has brought experience and expertise in a number of areas to her job, including on the issues of health care, consumer issues and employee workplace concerns. She has shown creative leadership working on problems critical to our area such as tourism, natural resources and the environment. And she is always honest and reliable in telling us what she thinks and what she will do.

I was really glad to hear Senator Olson is seeking re-election and I tremendously appreciate her willingness to continue to serve our area in spite of the personal sacrifices required. Please cast your vote for Senator Olson to ensure continued excellent representation for Senate District 4.

Martha Johnson