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Oberstar's excessive spending must end

Rep. Jim Oberstar has been a member of the United States Congress for 35 years during which the federal deficit has increased from an objectionable $500 billion to an astronomical $13.6 trillion including $4.6 trillion siphoned by Congress out of Intergovernmental Trust Funds - Social Security, etc. (Note a trillion dollars is tightly bound $1,000 bills stacked 63 miles high.)

Rep. Oberstar has contributed to this immoral bankruptcy through his excessive spending voting record and his zeal to obtain yearly earmarks - Congressional spending to ensure re-election.

In 2009 he obtained 32 earmarks totaling $40,071,000 including, for example, $1.2 million to Pine Technical College for "Corrosion Training Simulation," - another $40 million added to the U.S. debt.

Rep. Oberstar and the U.S. Congress, our public servants, have now paved an expressway to hyper-inflation and financial Armageddon. Yearly interest on this debt totals an astronomical $680 billion which is actually paid by issuing more debt or making a bookkeeping entry to the Trust Funds - all according to irresponsible Congressional Accounting Standards.

It is my opinion that Chip Cravaack must be our next 8th Congressional District Representative. As a former Naval aviator and retired airline pilot he has the ability and self-discipline to resist out-of-control congressional spending.

Cliff Peterson

Park Rapids