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Oberstar supports reckless legislation

Congressman Jim Oberstar's re-election campaign billboards proclaim "Working for you; working for Minnesota." His actions speak otherwise. During the past two years Oberstar has walked in "lock step" with far left liberals in pushing the nation further towards socialism and deeper in debt than at any time in history. The national debt of $14 trillion ($45,000 per man, woman and child in the USA) is not sustainable. Yet, Pelosi, Reed, Obama and Oberstar continue to propose programs that will only make the situation worse.

Recent examples of reckless legislation supported by Oberstar include: The $862 billion "pork laden," failed stimulus bill (9.6 percent of American are still out of work and cannot find jobs); the Cap and Trade Act, which will substantially increase energy costs for all Americans and be a disaster for farmers and small businesses; and the Health Care Reform Act, which will reduce Medicare coverage for seniors while adding 17,000 federal employees and billions more to the national debt. The tax burden for these ill-conceived programs will be passed on to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Oberstar also continues to favor high cost mass transportation concepts, which most Minnesotans find impractical to use and which will not be sustainable, long term, without massive subsidies forced upon non-using taxpayers.

It seems clear that Minnesota needs a more "common sense" approach in "working for us." The days of big government "tax and spend" programs are over. Minnesota needs free enterprise, private sector investment and jobs; not more bureaucrats and bigger government spending. You be the judge. Let your voice be heard next November.

A.L. Kleinke