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Oberstar out of touch with voters

Representative Oberstar is coming up for reelection in November. He has been in Congress for 35 years - more years than many voters have been alive. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, www.opense, Oberstar's assets in 2008 were worth between $3.2 and $7.8 million and ranks 52 out of 435 representatives in wealth.

His consistent voting record for more government spending, more government control, more taxes, and willingness to sink us into greater debt shows that he has lost touch with his working class voters. Too much wealth can corrupt a person's judgment and he puts politics over what's best for his constituents. We agree with the President that we should spread the wealth around and thereby give Chip Cravaack a chance. It is time to retire Oberstar.

Kathy Schroeder

Deer River