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Obama is a popular ‘dud’

If we can believe our liberal news media, from newspapers to TV, President Obama’s popularity continues to remain high. For what? Look at his last four years in office; gas prices have doubled, unemployment has increased, interest rates on savings are so low that one is better off hiding savings under the mattress then putting it in a bank (that is if one actually has any money period in this day and age), Iran and North Korean continue with their nuclear programs and aid terrorists, we are losing the war in Afghanistan (where we shouldn’t be in the first place), we are sending billions of American tax dollars to countries like Egypt and Pakistan even though they hate our guts, etc. etc. Now we have some budget cuts coming up and the president has no clue as to what is going on. He claims that illegals and other criminals should be set free. Some illegals have been released (which is a crime in itself). But the president lies when he says that criminals will be set free. In fact Mr. Obama has a huge problem with the truth. His whole presidency has been based on lies and half truths. With millions of Americans still unemployed and our national debt rising by the trillions, Obama is more concerned about the rights of homosexuals and illegal immigrants. This guy is a dud. And Americans still continue to idolize him? Maybe people are afraid to be critical of the man because they don’t want to be labeled as racists. Either that or there is something in the water we drink. I sure can’t figure it out. Tom R. Kovach Nevis