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Never mind isn't good enough

Some months back in a shameful process the Democrats passed a health reform bill the majority of Americans strongly opposed. Now that some of the details are known the support is even less. That is not lost on the supporters of this bill running for re-election since not one of them at this time is touting their accomplishment of passing this bill.

So why did the Democrats pass a bill when they knew the American people opposed it? Because they feel big government knows better than you do what type of care your family should have and how the doctors will be allowed to treat you. If a bigger, more controlling government is good, this was a great move since they just took total control of nearly 20 percent of the entire U.S. economy.

Never mind nothing of this magnitude of central planning has ever been attempted in any developed country and they did it without even reading it.

Never mind there are over 2,000 mandates still to be written by unelected bureaucrats that admire the British health care system.

Never mind over 100 new agencies will be created with tens of thousands of new government jobs to control physicians, hospitals and care we receive or don't receive.

Never mind this won't reduce costs but increase them, and it certainly will not improve our quality of care.

This passed because cost, access and quality care were just buzz words. The real goal is government control.

With this government's intrusion into so many areas of our lives they have redefined the relationship between the citizens and the state in a way that makes limited government nearly impossible. There is much we nearly all agree on but this bill needs to be repealed and limited, incremental changes made to see what works. We need to elect new leaders that will pledge to repeal this and start to respect the people that elected them.

Dr. Fred Lundstrom