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Nazi comparisons are nonsense

Input on Nazi Nonsense Facts are important. Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933 after he lost the presidential election in a landslide. He consolidated dictatorial power through parliamentary deception and by successfully lobbying to make all political parties illegal, except for the Nazi party. The "election" in Austria in 1938 was a vote for German annexation, not a vote for Hitler vs. another candidate, and actually got 99.7 percent of the vote, not 88 percent.

As to propaganda, President Bush didn't use executive powers to outlaw the Democratic Party when its members tried to stop his policy goals, and I don't see President Obama outlawing the Republican Party when its members try to stop his proposals. Neither of them sent me a radio either. Bush didn't force me to listen to Fox News or Rush Limbaugh; neither does Obama force me to listen to MSNBC or The Daily Show. 21st Century America has nothing to do with Nazi Germany or Austria, and trying to imply that it does is fear-mongering.

The Jews did not run the banks in Germany and Austria. That is a myth usually fueled by neo-Nazi organizations. In fact, the German and Austrian states ran the banks after the worldwide depression which started in 1929. During the "Nazification" of Germany (1933-1937), banks, companies and even services were actually privatized not socialized, although all were under the thumb of the Nazi party.

The current downturn in our economy began before Obama was elected, as did large deficit spending. The policies that caused and continue to drive the deficits were all enacted between 2000-2006 when Republicans controlled the congress and white house. 1. Unfunded Medicare prescription drug coverage. 2. A long war in Iraq. 3. High-end earner income-tax cuts. These structural drivers are on-going and cost a lot more than the stimulus that has so far been passed by the Obama administration.

Hitler's effort to control costs and limit healthcare to the "unworthy" was horrible. His racial purity programs were nauseating. Expanding healthcare as we are in the United States today is the opposite as is electing a man who is an embodiment of diversity. Nazi comparisons are nonsense. Why not just debate the policy measures without demonizing the opponent? Maybe it's hard to sell the stale trickle-down policy positions on the merits.

Aaron Kjenaas

Park Rapids