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Nathaniel Welte is a competent attorney

I am writing you this letter in support of Nathanial Welte for Hubbard County Attorney. When I learned of Mr. Welte's decision to run for this position, I was envious of the people of Hubbard County. I am very familiar with the type of lawyer and person Mr. Welte is, as I have seen him at work. The Hubbard County constituents will be very fortunate to have Mr. Welte as their public servant.

Mr. Welte is not only a very competent lawyer who cares greatly for upholding the law and providing justice for all, he is a very compassionate and genuine person who sees beyond the "case" to the human being he is representing. I have personally witnessed Mr. Welte's competence in the court room as he works to represent his client. I have seen his cool headedness in very emotional situations. I have also seen him comfort a client, who was struggling with difficult emotions and decisions, in a very compassionate and sensitive way.

I hope the people of Hubbard County can see the incredible opportunity they have in front of them with the chance to vote Mr. Welte into the County Attorney office. They will not be sorry. I have a lot of faith in Mr. Welte and would trust him to represent myself or any of my family members in any legal situation.

Theresa Carr