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Park Rapids fire under investigation

Menahga woman charged with forging checks

region Park Rapids,Minnesota 56470
Park Rapids Enterprise
Menahga woman charged with forging checks
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A Menahga woman was charged in Wadena County District Court with check forgery.

According to court documents, Ann Marie Samuel, 27, wrote 20 checks totalling $1,918.42 off someone else's account. Most of the checks were written in the Wadena and Sebeka areas.

Authorities compared the handwriting of the account holder against the writing on the suspected checks and found it did not match. They also discovered in the memo line of one of the checks, Samuel's home phone number was listed for verification purposes, not the account holder's.

On Sept. 28, authorities interviewed Samuel, according to court documents, and she admitted taking the checks, but said she only took seven checks and ripped two of them up.

Samuel was charged Dec. 14 with forgery, a felony, and check forgery, a gross misdemeanor.