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Is Menahga School expulsion fair?

On Monday, Oct. 4, my 15-year-old daughter was expelled from Menahga High School for bringing a knife to school. She absentmindedly left the knife in her jacket pocket after helping me over the weekend. School Superintendent Klumm has told me that she has no other option but to expel my daughter, that my daughter should have brought the knife directly to the Principals office after realizing she had the knife on her.

I agree with Superintendent Klumm, that my daughter should have brought the knife to the Principal's office immediately after realizing she had it on her, but there has been a history between my daughter, myself, Superintendent Klumm and other school staff members in regards to my daughter being bullied, teased and called horrible names and publicly embarrassed by one of her teachers in front of her whole class over a horrible incident that happened to my daughter. So of course my daughter would be afraid to bring a knife to the Principal's office for fear that she would be disciplined just as she has in the past when she was the one being victimized by other students.

Menahga Public Schools have had two incidents in the past. In one incident a student stabbed another student with a pencil. In the other incident a student was caught with a knife and admitted he brought it to stab another student who was bullying him. Both students were suspended, not expelled, yet school administrators want to expel my daughter for absentmindedly bringing a knife to school and too afraid to bring it to the Principal's office. Is this fair and just?

My daughter takes her education very serious and works very hard to get A's and has often stayed after school in the past to assist teachers. In the past Superintendent Klumm claimed concern for my daughter's well being, where is that concern now? They are willing to throw her school career away because they don't have common sense and are too rigid with their rules, in my daughter's case.

Robert Zmuda