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Robert Tufts thanks his constituents after being re-elected mayor Sunday, Aug. 4 in Dorset. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Mayor Robert Tufts re-elected in Dorset

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Mayor Robert Tufts re-elected in Dorset
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Hundreds were holding their breath Sunday in Dorset as a member of the audience reached into the vote bin, the ballot determining 4-year-old incumbent Robert Tufts will serve another term as mayor of the village.

The restaurant capital’s epicurean event and the buck-buys-a-vote election drew a great crowd, with many well aware of the young politician.

Robert, “not Bobby,” has been interviewed on public and national television and radio as well as Twin Cities stations. Media representatives were perched on rooftops and on the street below with cameras rolling.

Bobby’s witty and insightful replies – spiced with a child’s whimsy – have captured audiences’ attention and hearts.

When asked on the “platform” Sunday what the best thing about being mayor is, he replied “going fishing.”

But when coached about his role as mayor, he said, “Being in Dorset makes me happy.”

“Thanks for your support,” he told the audience – without coaching.

He fielded a few more questions on his future, which also calls for a snowshoe scavenger hunt this winter, and then informed the audience and Mom, Em, that he now wanted to tell Sophie (his “girlfriend”) of his victory.

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