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Letters: We need to take back our country

With two of the largest auto manufacturers on the verge of failure, and the government offering up all of our hard earned tax dollars in bailouts, don't you think that besides throwing money at an industry that has undermined the economic status of the nation, the government should make a few mandatory conditions? Like... maybe making it mandatory for the industry to purchase parts from U.S. manufacturers. Even though these cars are assembled in the U.S. they are farming out a plethora of the parts to foreign manufacturers. This is taking jobs away from people right here in our own country.

With unemployment at the highest level in decades and people losing everything they have, I just know that there are alternatives to what is currently in practice. This goes for almost everything we use and purchase in most of the retail stores in the U.S. It is extremely difficult to find anything that is made in the United States anymore. No wonder unemployment is so high. We are employing China, Taiwan and Mexico to essentially take everything we hold dear to us, including our lifestyles.

If the government wants to do something worthwhile and save face, it should make tariffs and taxation to these large corporations that will force them to purchase domestic. If they don't, the taxes and tariffs should be used to pay for something worthwhile like health care for our citizens or building the infrastructure, i.e. power transmission and generation, roads, and communications.

It just seems so simple and attainable yet it inevitably eludes reality. This elusiveness is not accidental, it is fueled by the largest motivator that has seemed to plague our society. Greed. And the greediest people are the ones that are in control of most of the decisions that effect the rest of us. These people that are responsible for what is happening to our economy need to be held accountable, not be given a bailout and a free ticket to spend our tax dollars on whatever they feel is right.

We need to take back our country and our jobs!

Justin Isaacson, Ike's Heating and Cooling