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Letters: Is this the type of change we wanted?

Barack Obama ran his campaign for the presidency on change. Many Americans voted for him because they also wanted change. And Congress led by the president is delivering historic changes in the way we will live our lives. But is this what we thought the change would be?

Often when there is a problem we over-react to correct it. Right now, Congress and the president want to regulate and control not only the business model that has made us the envy of the world but health care and energy besides. President Obama says he has no desire to run Wall Street, banks, General Motors, Chrysler, insurance, energy, health care, etc. But our parents taught us it's not what you say but what you do that counts.

They do want to control us! After what we've observed I can't imagine anyone would want the current members of Congress that support this or this president managing anything. These are the same people that passed a huge emergency stimulus plan that is very little stimulus, lots of pork and mostly a payback to unions and those groups that supported their campaigns. The same people that must pass socialized health care and energy bills so fast they don't even have time to read the bills or discuss them. They need to rush because if the American people learned what the bills will do they would soundly reject them.

The media literally worships President Obama (remember the frequent mention of a messiah when referring to him). That makes it unlikely we will hear any objective discussion of his policies.

So it's up to us to become informed, write letters, call our congressional representatives and stop this madness. If we can't, we will hand our children and grandchildren a less secure nation, a tax equivalent of a sub-prime loan they will never be able to repay and a lifestyle far below what we have enjoyed.

Fred Lundstrom, Nevis