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Letters: Trinity church will continue to thrive

I'm a member of a very large Episcopal church in Minneapolis and several times each year I come to Park Rapids and attend church with my parents. They have been active in their church here for about 25 years. So I was surprised to read in the Enterprise that the writer of the article thought that the church was "so tiny it had to merge with the Presbyterian church to survive."

Trinity church in my view is nothing like not surviving, and in fact each of the two communities were quite vibrant at the time of their merge. The survival of a church doesn't lie so much in their numbers as in the quality of their participation. Trinity's nomination of Rev. Doyle Turner is one more example of the love, respect, and caring that goes on between the church members. I just want you to know I don't think there is any question that Trinity Episcopal/

Presbyterian Church will continue to thrive into the future.

Mary B. Freeman, Minneapolis