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Letters: 'Three Little Pigs' of MN have spoken

The Governor, The House and The Senate!

Even with a $4.5 Billion dollar deficit to eliminate in 2009. Our three "Delivery Pigs" of taxpayer waste, who control the state's budget have prevailed. For their actions to date, will still put about $12 million of Minnesota's taxpayer dollars for years 2009-13 into the troughs of the remaining 10 to 12 ethanol plants blessed by the states ethanol subsidy program.

Which will sadly grant about one million dollars per plant, per year, under the "Ethanol Producer Payment Program" to these plants of privilege, for the next five years. Which finally ends this historic, full-fledged lobbying effort by state officials. To control the states political and powerful energy source prized as the brick house of ethanol. All created by tax dollars and now good to the last $55 million dollar drop-off of taxpayer cash, unless we stop it.

This even after the numbers presented to all for free since 2005, by Alan Roebke (REB-key) at and now confirmed by an expensive Legislative Audit report. That showed for the last five years of these payments, subsidies only "Enriched the Profits and Dividends" for the investors of these plants. While the Auditor also stating at a public hearing, "the State has no contract or guaranteed comment to these plants under state law." As often spoken by the Speaker of the House and other entrenched state leaders, who publicly lobby for these wasteful subsidies.

So help me trim the fat and cut the waste. While I ask, why don't we call for an independent investigation of AG Commission Gene Hugoson? Regarding his duties as a state official in this matter and his obligations to taxpayers and his administrative responsibility for sound state policy and taxpayer notification.

Alan Roebke, Alexandria