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Letters: Thoughts on 'Smelling the coffee'

Wednesday's letter warning of America's fall into Marxism is a little short on facts. First, Pravda is no longer Russia's leading newspaper and official party organ. That went out of business in 1991. In 1999, a tabloid-type news outlet was established with the same name. Second, the piece mentioned was not their own, merely the reprint of an Internet blog. Third, the piece itself is full of errors in substance and grammar. It said, for instance, that Barney Frank was a senator (he's not) and confused the words decent and descent. It referred to "the Southern Black Belt" of the United States and claimed the West Coast was dominated by the Chinese Communists. Fourth, the piece said that this decline of the United States was nothing new, it has been happening on and off for the past century.

It is one thing to be opposed to social change which is shifting emphasis toward the less than wealthy, but is another thing entirely to take selected parts of a blog of an unknown person, reprinted in the Russian version of a supermarket tabloid, and pass it off as carefully considered Russian opinion. Even worse is to believe it has value for us. We have enough careful thinkers on both the right and the left to allow us to judge for ourselves current events in the United States. Let's get our news from respected news sources here and stop giving unknown Internet bloggers from Russia a forum they do not deserve.

Kenneth Shepard, Park Rapids