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Letters: Thief stole flowers from mother's grave

This letter is addressed to whoever took the flowers from my mother's grave. Her birthday was Sept. 3 and that evening my sister, my dad and I took some beautiful plants to her gravesite to celebrate what would have been her 78th birthday. On Tuesday, the 8th, I went back to retrieve them, (there is a sign at the cemetery stating that all plants and flowers need to be removed after Labor Day), and to plant them at home in her memory. They were gone.

Other graves had flowers, but not my mother's grave. Thinking the caretaker may have removed them, I called and was informed that they had probably been stolen. Why?

I don't understand why someone would steal flowers from a gravesite. Why on earth did you need these plants so badly? I had plans for putting up a nice hook and hanging basket for her next summer, but you have now taken that pleasure and joy from me.

Whoever did this - you know who you are. How you can look at yourself in the mirror and know you stole something of no value to you - but something that meant a lot to my family - is beyond me.

Karen Candelaria, Park Rapids