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Letters: Thanks for supporting Explorer scouts

On behalf of myself and the students involved with the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department Explorer Post 227, I want to thank the community for helping our group realize our goal of attending the Minnesota state conference last weekend. Six of our 12 members were able to attend this event along with hundreds of other Explorer scouts from throughout all of Minnesota. To all who have given donations to support the Explorers - you have done more than you realize for these students in providing them encouragement to strive to learn more and do their personal best at competition.

This is the first time since 2002 when I was a student Explorer that our area has sent post members to the state conference and competition. With a grant from Itasca-Mantrap new uniforms and training equipment was purchased last fall, and together with community donations every scout who wanted to attend the conference was able to this year.

Thanks to the Ron and Janet White family for helping provide transportation to the event held in Rochester. Our deep appreciation is extended to the Hubbard County Board, Gary Mills and Frank Homer for allowing and encouraging the reactivation of the Explorer post for our area.

The community can be proud of the scouts from Hubbard County who gave 100 percent of themselves in each area of the conference, working hard to learn all they could from each presenter and activity.

It has been a privilege working with these great young adults as a volunteer advisor for the Explorer post. Together with many of my law enforcement colleagues, we will continue to nurture the career interest for students in our area who want to learn more about law enforcement. I would encourage the community to keep an eye out for the scouts as they help with community events throughout the year, and support their fundraising dinner May 29 at the American Legion in Park Rapids.

Your encouragement and support will help ensure their continued success as they prepare for the 2010 statewide competition.

Deputy Jeff Stacey, Hubbard County Sheriff's Office