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Letters: Thanks for Dear Daddy support

The Hubbard County Historical Society would like to graciously thank the community for their support and attendance at the Dear Daddy Challenge and the events held in conjunction with it.

A special thank you to Coborn's grocery of Park Rapids for their donations; to Dean Westby and the band, County 20 for providing the charming entertainment at the Pie Social this weekend; Brian Longazo of Hoosier Beach Resort for providing a site to hold the campfire, demonstrations and challenge, to those that provided pies and everyone who served at the social and helped us track down "old-time" equipment and supplies for the challenge; to all of those that didn't hesitate to offer their help at the laborious Log to Lunch Program, and to the Vokes School families and descendants for their time and unending cooperation with the reunion project.

The Historical Society is particularly indebted to Lucy Jeanne and her family for traveling half way across the country to help us hold these events, for preserving this huge piece of Hubbard County History and taking the time to share their delightful story with everyone.

Karen Danks, Director, Hubbard County Historical Museum