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Letters: Thanks to all for successful pig races

To all who attended the July 5 Pig Races:

It is with incredible gratitude that we thank everyone involved in making the first running of the Nevis Pig Races such an amazing success.

To the attendees: Thank you so much for showing up. The audience numbers exceeded anything we could have imagined. We hope you will make this an annual event for you, your children and future visitors as we grow and refine the details. We promise to find a way to better accommodate the very welcome large crowd.

To the volunteers: An extraordinarily stylish and highly desirable pink t-shirt is not enough to pay you for your efforts. Our town pulled together to be sure that everything was set up as needed before the race, and that everything was cleaned up within two hours after the race. Admission receipts give a nice boost to the C&C coffers and a start for the planning for next year. None of this could have been accomplished without the donation of time and energy by the good citizens of Nevis and the surrounding areas, the Nevis Chamber members and Lions Club.

To pig sponsors: Your contributions make it easier to hold the event and added an extra dimension to the race itself when each company pig was cheered on to the finish line. Special thanks to Bernick's, the Nevis Chamber and Sy-Tec Consulting for their generous donations, and to Gary Dauer, the Pig Master, and his crew for the entertaining show.

It was a great to be a part of this!

Dave McCurnin, Nevis