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Letters: Tax increases will harm Minnesota

As conference committees wrap up at the Legislature we will once again unfortunately be heading towards overtime. We will hear Rep. Sailer and the DFL claim they cut the budget to the bone as they passed billions of dollars in tax increases. That could not be farther from the truth.

For instance the Health and Human Service Omnibus Bill passed by the Minnesota House HF1362 actually increases Health and Human Services spending by $2.2 billion over the last biennium. That is a 20.4 percent increase over the 2008-09 biennium. Hardly the doom and gloom of massive cuts the DFL claim.

The DFL provide no funding for schools this biennium. While HF2 conforms to DFL set budget targets, it includes the largest unfunded mandate in the history of this state. The so called $5 billion "New Minnesota Miracle" kicks in starting in 2014 with no way to pay for it. You know how that will be paid for? You guessed it even more massive tax increases in the near future. Absolute fiscal irresponsibility!

The DFL keep telling you they are only going to tax the rich but that is not true. Look at fee increases like daycare in HF1362 and all the other Omnibus Bills. But they pale in comparison to House tax bill HF2323.

HF2323 increases income taxes $469.5 million, increases cigarette taxes $210 million, increases alcohol taxes over $209 million, increases Boat, ATV & Snowmobile taxes $10.5 million, an iTunes tax of $4.23 million, and increases the gift tax $15 million. HF2323 also eliminates the $60.5 million Gas Tax Credit and includes local option sales taxes of $391 million. It also eliminates the mortgage interest deduction, K-12 credit, K-12 subtraction, property tax deduction, organ donor and child care credits.

This tax increase will not go to schools, public safety, or to veterans; it's all about protecting the welfare state. These tax increases will further harm the economy, kill jobs and take away money from every Minnesotan all in the name of growing government and supporting welfare.

David Anderson, Lonsdale